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It was about 10 years ago when I first became eco-aware.





I was working for a chemicals company and was quite disturbed by some of the products I was supposed to sell. They were toxic and not good for the environment. I used to actually tell my customers that they could probably get cancer in 30 year’s time if they purchased these particular products. Needless to say, my boss at the time was not too impressed with me.

BUT, they did bring out some green, eco-friendly “chemicals” which were much more expensive. I managed to convince forward-thinking customers that they should go this route and I soon became known as “The Green Queen”.


Fast forward to 6 years ago, when I started my Promotional Gifting company – I found that I was always drawn to the eco-friendly products and was constantly wanting to promote those. I was over the moon when my suppliers heeded the call of eco-consciousness and started bringing in more eco-friendly products.

We can all do something to make a difference and by making small, incremental changes to our daily living, we can create a ripple effect and collectively be the change we want to see in the world.

Our main focus is on replacing single-use plastics such as bags, bottles, takeaway cups, straws and cutlery. Small, low-cost items available for you to make a BIG difference!