Plastic Free Special

R350.00 inc. Vat

The Plastic Free Special is a combination of specially chosen eco-friendly products to replace single-use products.

Why a Plastic Free Special? I have been following Plastic Free July for a few years now and they are a great organisation. Every year, for the month of July, they gently remind us of the need to reduce single-use plastic at home, work, school and our local cafes. They have inspired over 250 million people in 177 countries to start where they can with what they can to make a difference. To follow them and become part of the community, go to They have a cool quiz that you can take to get you thinking about your plastic use. The great thing about this organisation is they are not forceful about what they do and understand that sometimes we do forget to take our bags to the shop and you may have to buy a plastic one. They won’t haunt you in your sleep about it! They do however have a lot of great articles and advice. The key, I think is to be aware. The more aware we are, the more we notice the plastic pollution around us and the more we want to do what we can to not be part of it.

The Plastic Free Special bundle consists of:

Normally priced at R396.00 ex vat if purchased individually.



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